unrequited love

Why Your Crush Could Crush You.

At one point or the other in your life, you might have looked at someone and went “damn, look at those legs” OR “Lord knows what I can do with those lips”. You could call it a crush, lust or a little bit of both.

Sometime, you might have hid behind a curtain  and “window-shopped” on a neighbor or a co-worker … then you allow your thoughts go wild and you start imagining what it would feel like to have that person hold you in their arms, kiss and caress you. Then after a while, if this person is still pressing the “right buttons” your mind will graduate from just wanting to make out with them to wanting a hot steamy sex with them.

All that I have said so far can simply be put as having a crush on someone. And since it goes on in the mind where only the owner has access to, it seems pretty harmless, cool and of course, safe. But as long as the other person has no idea of your feelings for them or probably couldn’t care less about you and your wild thoughts, then it is just a waste of your love, time and energy. What! How? Hold that thought.

Everything we see around us today was conceived or created in the mind before they became a reality. The good thing about the mind-creation is that the mind makes available everything needed in order to create the perfect picture.

If you imagine yourself making out with your crush on the island, then your mind will provide you with the picture of the most beautiful Island in the world. Or if you imagine yourself in a hot sex with your crush on a king-size bed, your mind will provide you with a king-size bed made of gold, lol.

The mind sure knows how to “make it pop” but does life know how to do that too? The mind knows how to give us the perfect image but only life has the power to give us the real thing. And it just might make your head spin when you discover that the real thing is the opposite of the picture your mind gave you.

For instance, you might just discover that the lips you are dreaming of how you are going to kiss it so hard until it bleeds actually reeks of Carbide. Yep, I have kissed someone whose mouth reeked of Carbide,lol, It took every will-power for me not to spit immediately we unlocked lips because, duh, I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. But I knew at the back of my mind that I would never be kissing those lips again, lol.

Or, that the person you are crushing so hard on because you thought they were cool, confident and intelligent was actually acting out a law from the book “48 Laws of Power”. . Because that is all that the whole personality ethic thingy entails—living in a mask.  Then you get closer or get to know them better and you discover that they are dumb AF.

Oftentimes, I hear people say such things as “the heart want what it wants” aint that just convenient? It is true. We all have the rights to fantasize but it is also true that the God who solely has the power to grant us our heart desires also has a great sense of humor. So the person you are crushing on might actually be the opposite to who God have made for you.

The bad side about crushing on someone is that it can make you prey-able to them. There is a possibility that the person you are crushing on does not care about you, but when they discover that you already have the’ hots’ for them, they make the move ; they know that you have become vulnerable to their charms so they take advantage of your vulnerability.

The way I see it is that we all came into this world with a full jar of love. Every time we fall in love, we invest from our jar of love a portion that is equal to the amount of love we have for the person.

If the relationship ends, the love we have invested does not return to our jar of love. When we move on to a new relationship, we invest yet another portion of love from our jar of love and if we are not careful that is how we will carry on until there is no more love left. Then we are left with the famous question how do I or why should do I fall in love again?”

The point of this article is to implore you to be a little prudent with your heart and with your love. Only invest your heart when you are sure that it is or will be reciprocated, not before because, trust me heartbreak aint pretty.

Even they Holy Bible encourages us to guard our heart with all diligence because out of it comes the issues of life.

PS: if have you any sense of humor at all, then you should be crying tears from laughing so hard right now and guess what, that is the idea of this article—to get you to laugh and … learn. So laugh already. How hard is that? See you in the next one. LOL.




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