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WTH? Cheating with your BFF? This is the reason why.

It is no gainsay that some of the actions we take in life are dubbed irrational or even insensitive. But the great news is that, some of these actions are understandable. For instance, it is understandable but irrational for a person to end a relationship without any good reason and start a new one. But what some people especially women, don’t understand is why a man would end his relationship just to start a new one with his ex’s best friend forever (BFF)… cheating with bae’s BFF, so nasty.

I became interested in knowing why any man would tiptoe out the door on his woman with his woman’s BFF when I witnessed a very nasty brawl between two BFF, in front of my apartment and of course, one of them walked in on the other, with her man, doing the nasty.

This issue has been a controversial one, generating different opinions and arousing different emotions in people especially the blokes themselves.

So, I went opinion scouting and, of course, there is no better place to get the truth than from the horse’s mouth. This is what the men had to say.

I will cheat on my woman with her BFF if she is better behaved.

A good number of men gave me this reason and I was like… really?

There is no arguing it that a well behaved woman is a treasure that every man seeks. The ability of a woman to put a tight rein on her temper and be a lady at all times is her most prized possession. But unfortunately, this is a virtue that a lot of women lack.

It is true that an ill-mannered woman is a turn off for any man, but should the ill manners of a woman turn her man off from her and on to her BFF? I still believe that birds of a feather flock together.

She has the qualities I need in a woman

One of the men I talked to state the above as a reason for which he might consider a relationship with his woman’s BFF.

Some of the qualities he stated include:

Submissive, respectful, hardworking, funny…. I almost dropped dead listening to all the endless qualities that one man needs from one woman. Well, good luck with that.

She is richer is grounds for cheating with her.

In the course of my opinion scouting, I ran into a proud gold digger. This man had the temerity to tell me that he would go for any woman who has more money to offer, even if she’s his girlfriend’s BFF.

I know gold-diggers are everywhere, but I have never met any of them who are proud to admit it until I met this man. Again I say good luck with that.

Carelessness on the part of the woman could make her cheat with her BFF.

Some women are too care-free or free-spirited for their own good. Such women allow their BFF take too many liberties with their men. Such liberties include: visiting their men without their consent, calling their men and chatting their men up on social media.

cheating with gf bff

They may tell you that they are “just friends” but I don’t think a man and a woman could be just friends.  One of them must be nursing a feeling in their heart. And unless proactive measures are taken to quench whatever fire that is brewing between those two, then it would be just a matter of time before the feeling becomes mutual. I stand to be corrected here, though.

Women, remember that there is a propensity for your BFF to want the same things as you, especially your type of man. So guard your ‘territory’ jealously, if you think it’s worth it.

Indecision on the part the man can make him cheat on his woman with her BFF.

A lot of men are ruled by what I call ‘daemon of indecision’ Hardly can they make a decision and stick with it. This type of men is unprincipled. They want it as long as they can have it. They have no long term goals; all they care about is in the ‘now’.

I call this type of men the Regular Joe. They are never serious with anything or anyone. Everything goes as far as they are concerned.

There love life is so raggedy and filled with a lot of nastiness.


Very few men would keep their cool at the sight a pretty woman who they feel is ready to give it up, even if she’s their woman’s BFF.

There is no arguing it that most men reason with their ‘third leg’. These men would take anything in skirt no matter who is offering it. The weakness of some men is a beautiful woman.

Another type of a weak man is a drunken man. In the state of stupor, everything is possible

Cheating is caused Lack of friendship in a relationship .

The bedrock of any healthy relationship is friendship. A relationship without friendship is very volatile and is bound to collapse sooner rather than later.

Friendship is the shock-absorber of any relationship. You remember how a car without a sound shock absorber behaves at the slightest impact? It bounces violently! That is what happens to a relationship without friendship, the shock-absorber.  Every little issue is blown way out of proportion. It’s more like a relationship between a drama queen and a drama king.

Even when the man is receiving unwanted flirtations from his woman’s BFF, he would not tell her even if he wanted to. Because he knows she would take it south. Before he knows it, he had fallen for a temptation he could have avoided.

The fire in the sex life of some couples has faded. Only thing keeping such relationships alive is the friendship that they share.

The importance of friendship in a relationship can never be over emphasized.

A man on a revenge mission can cheat on his woman with BFF.

Revenge is better served cold, right? What could be colder than getting down and dirty with your woman’s BFF because she had done a similar thing to you? There are some sins a man can forgive his woman for, but cheating is usually not one of them.

Some women are thirsty. So thirsty are they that they would get with anyone who has more to offer immediately. But when the sun sets and they realize that all that glitters is not gold, they go back to their true love and expect to be received with open arms.

Some mischievous men would take a cheating woman back just to waste her time a little, while they plan their epic revenge, which is usually as devastating for the woman as her walking into the room and finding her man on top of her BFF, doing the dirty.

He is cheating with her because he thinks she is the one.

Ok, this may not go down well with some women, especially those who have been through it. But the truth is that, there is a possibility that your man and your BFF are made for each other. You are just the connecting bridge that they both have to cross to get to each other.

Of course, in the process they are both going to step on you or rub you the wrong way. But instead of staying mad, you should be glad that you didn’t spend the rest of your life trying to make it work with the wrong person. Your man has realized that too so he went for it. When you know that something is made for you, you take it, and, sometimes without a care in the world.

It is hurtful, I know. But it would save you some heartache if you think about it this way.

When two people are made for each other, they would definitely find their ways into each other’s arms. No one can stop them.

Wrapping up:

So, there you have some of the reasons why a man would step out or cheat on his woman with his woman’s BFF. I think I agree more with the women’s opinion on this.

Good a thing that none of the woman flipped out on me, lol. Or said that there is no justifiable reason why any man would do such even though I know a lot of them wanted to.

However, that is not to say that the dirt is only on the men, some women are just as shady too.



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