Suicidal? Read This Article And Rethink Your Decision.

Are you suicidal? Well, although I really want to, but I am not going to beg you not to do it, because sometimes mere words are hardly enough. Instead I am going to give you reasons why suicide is wrong on all levels.

The desire of everybody alive is to be GENUINELY mourned by not just family but by everyone who hears the news of their death.

In this article I intend to be brutally honest because this thing called suicide is becoming a menace that needs to end. So I am going to let you in on the behind the scenes reactions of people to the news of suicide. Perhaps, these views of people on suicide might get you to rethink if you are suicidal.

One of the so wrong reasons behind suicide is that suicidal people think that taking their own life will hurt somebody else; or that it would throw so much sorrow into the world. This is why somebody would do something so nasty as to take their own life because a lover jilted them.

Let me tell you this, in the eastern part Nigeria, where i come from, people who died by committing suicide are not given a proper burial. Instead, they are taken to what we call “the evil forest”. This is because the act of committing suicide is considered evil and a taboo in this part of the world. Although i will always see this belief as utterly insensitive and even barbaric, because this is 2020 and such beliefs and traditions should have been abolished by now, but remember that this article is about taking you into the minds of some people and showing you their view on suicide.

In this article by Washington post, the writer practically suggested that suicidal people be treated like egg shells and pampered.  While that might be a remedy but I don’t think it is the solution.

Unfortunate things keep happening because when they happen, we look for remedy but not causes nor solution. Do you know that  in the course of pampering and smoldering another grown person you could become suicidal yourself because it puts a lot of strain on your mental health and happiness.

In the words of the writer, he wrote “we need each other desperately, all the time” really? Uh uh, I don’t agree with that. We need each other, true, but not desperately and definitely not all the time. Because that person you need ‘all the time has’ their own problems to take care of. I will never encourage that level of dependency on another human being.

As you read through this article, you will be seeing comments of people on suicide posts. I took screenshots of these comments from various blogs.

Oh dear! And look at me thinking he/she is strong.

It is obvious that this is just a subtle way of saying suicide is sign of weakness. As a tad insensitive as that is, there is a trace of truth in it.

The world in itself is a battlefield and a lot of people understand that. Hence, they call it cowardice when somebody tries to run away from their problems by committing suicide.

It is true that some medical research says that suicide is as a result of mental illness. Well, I am not a scientist, so I won’t oppose that. But how does that theory explain the act of a lady taking her own life because a man jilted her?

But he wears such happy face.

Most suicidal people try so hard to disguise their pain so they wear the best of clothes and drive the best cars all in an effort to get people into believing that their life is all glam and glitz. This is the reason why there are usually no suicidal sings in suicidal people. After all the ‘fakery’ and show offs, they retire to their reality.

There is nothing wrong with a larger than life attitude. I actually appreciate that lifestyle. But there is everything wrong when you are using it to cover up something as serious as suicidal thoughts. Suicide is terribly wrong so you should not make light any suicidal thought.


Yeah, what the hell? Why even consider suicide? Of course it is impossible for you to say that you have searched through and through and see no reason to keep pushing.

Even as crazy as it sounds, if I have to choose between my crappy wig and suicide, hell, I’ choose my wig although everybody else is telling me to ditch it because it so ugly. I’d rather put that ‘wack’ wig on my head than put a bullet through my head.

I’m not trying to sound cute here; I’m just trying to let you know that I’d rather choose anything no matter how tasteless over suicide and I encourage you to do same.

Nobody’s life is perfect; all we do is choose to live against all odds.

Brother, Sister look around you closely. There has got to be something to live for. Do not focus so much on the big things that brings you little or no joy. But also appreciate the little things that makes you smile; like your dog, cat or even your chicken. Yeah, I said chicken.

I am a poultry farmer and you better not mess with my chicks, lol. Those white little beautiful creatures are too precious to me. I wake up in the morning and I tend to them even before myself. I give them food, water and drugs.

Bottom line: learn to derive happiness from little things.

I love those chickens so much I’d live just for them.

So my question is: isn’t there something as little as chicken that you can live for? Why are you focusing so hard on big things that probably don’t matter and ignoring the little things that really matters?

Oh no! Oh My God!

This will be the reaction of the people who love you: friends, family. Isn’t it insensitive for you to off your life, knowing that there are people who genuinely loves and cares about you?

The one false idea that a lot of suicidal people has is that no one cares about them. Contrarily, a lot of people care about you. The reasons why some people don’t show love is probably because they feel that they don’t have the wherewithal—money, gifts and even the right words— to do so, not because they don’t care.

If only you could close your eyes for a moment and think about the tears that will flow down the faces of your loved ones if you commit suicide, then maybe you might have a rethink.

Thank God (in a whisper).

Are you shocked? Don’t be. You should know that no matter how sweet; kind and loving you are there is somebody who just doesn’t like you. There is somebody, somewhere, whose reaction to the news of your painful demise would be “thank God”

It is a great folly to think that everybody must like you. You will always have haters even though you are so lovable.

But isn’t that a good reason to fight harder for your life? Are you going to let them win? Would you not rather disappoint them?

No way! But he/she was so beautiful. What a waste.

People will make these remark because that is what they see when they look at you. Not your pain or your problems. The reason for that is not because human beings are wired to be naturally shallow, but because every human being has their issues to worry about; they are overwhelmed already by their own problems so they don’t really have the time to focus on you.

Contrary to what you think, nobody is so focused on your mistakes or failures because they are also failing and making mistakes of their own.

So when you see a clique staring at you, you should not be so fast to conclude that they are gossiping about your mistakes because you might be shocked out of your skin when you discover that they are talking about the great things about you that you probably don’t even realize that you have.


She/ he could have talked to somebody.

I totally agree. Anybody who is having suicidal thoughts should get help ASAP.

I know that it is a little embarrassing to admit to somebody that you are not strong enough to handle the challenges of life, but that would be the best love you could ever give to yourself.

The thing is: if you could afford to lose your own life, then what other asset is costlier than that, your dignity? I don’t think so.

I want you to know that if you are having suicidal thoughts then nothing else should matter than saving you from yourself. You don’t have anything else more precious to lose. So suck it up and get help. Talk to family, friend or a therapist. Your life is more important than your ego.

So, come on, turn that suicide object—gun, knife, drugs…– in. That’s right. Turn it in to someone you respect; like your spiritual leader or even the police. Yes, treat it like a criminal because that’s what it is. It tried to steal your life that is about to be celebrated. You can’t let that little object steal something as big as your life.

 How to overcome suicidal thoughts:

Inside the mind of every suicidal person are paranoia, anxiety and a feeling of worthlessness.

The solution for that is to understand that we are all a work of art. No work of art is perfect from creation. Every perfect work of art is as a result of conscious effort toward perfection. This effort includes: humility of heart, patient and a desire to create ones happiness from little or even meaningless things.

Wrapping up:

The whole point of this article is to let every suicidal person in on what people really think about suicide. Now, if you check the above reactions of people to the news of suicide, you will notice that there is little or no genuine empathy in it. The only people that are hurt because of suicide are those who really care, while those who don’t practically celebrate it. So my question is: do you really want to put tears on the faces of those who love you and smiles on the faces of those who don’t?

I guess that is what prompted the person from Washington post to write that article calling for more empathy on suicide and suicidal people. But I don’t think that that is what a suicidal person needs; they need the truth, the raw truth. Tiptoeing around them is not going to help.

The truth is: the world is a battlefield. Everybody is fighting their battles. If you choose to run away from yours by committing suicide then I want you to know that the only people who would be thrown into mourning are the people you love and who loves you.

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