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Personality Trait of The Four Types of Men

Over the years, I have the opportunity of meeting men of different personality, idiosyncrasies and drive.

Of the male personalities, the types that intrigue me the most are; as i choose to call them: the proud, the ‘regular Joe’, the Mr. Bone and the King of Hearts, male personalities.

In this article, I’m going to give you an insight into the everyday life or personality traits of these four types of men; what makes them tick and what makes them not. So, let’s dive in.

The proud male personality.

The proud man has what I call latent insecurities issues, latent in the sense that only a close observer will notice it. it is a known fact that pride, in itself, come into play when a person feels a need to prove something; especially something about who they are, what they have achieved and what they are capable of.

The proud man leverage every means both necessary and unnecessary to bring the people in his life to total submission. These means may sometimes include both physical and emotional abuse. A proud man believes he has it all figured out. As a result, he is overly self-reliant and self-absorbed, hence, making him an object of disdain.

In his relationship, he is an extremist. This means that he could be extremely faithful or extremely promiscuous.

His extremism could be traced to his personality – proud. He believes that there are no consequence(s) for his actions. In other words, he steps on toes with impunity.

The things I wrote above are the not-so-appealing sides of a proud man but no human being can be bad a 100%, so:

In a proud man, there is a streak of discipline; hence, he can be faithful his in relationship if he chooses.

The proud man is also a protector of the people he care about.

If you choose to get involved with the proud man in any kind of relationship (business, romance) then, let him hold the reins. He may actually steer the relationship aright.

Believe me when I say that some of them actually mean well. All he needs is a little stroking on his ego. Like I said, this man has a latent insecurity or inferiority complex issues.

However, In the course of steering the relationship, when he makes a mistake, do not jump in to help. Wait until he asks for it. That way he will appreciate it.

The ‘Regular Joe’ male personality.

The “regular Joe” as I choose to call him is a free-spirit, very spontaneous human being. He cares very less about power or control but the aura and charm which he exudes brings him into leadership positions without him asking for it.

Everybody appreciates an approachable person as a leader and a “regular Joe” is quite approachable. This man is the life of a party. I mean, literally, the party hasn’t begun until he arrives.

Their spontaneous personality, sometimes, makes them do things without thinking it through. As a result, they unintentionally step on toes; hence, they make silent but fierce enemies without even knowing it.

  • In Business:

An average regular Joe is not very ambitious. So you can trust him not to sabotage you. But he is somewhat frivolous so you might want to review your decision to trust him with a lot of money. He is not a workaholic. He would rather party hard than work hard.

Saddling a regular Joe with a lot of work is a mistake. It’s not that he doesn’t have the skills or the ability, just that he lacks the concentration–He is so easily distracted.

  • Socially

The doors of a regular Joe are open to everyone including sworn enemies of his friends. So, you might want to decide against trusting him with your secrets because it just might enter into the wrong ears.

A lot of people want to be friends with a regular Joe especially the women, because he knows how to make you feel loved even if he is not in love with you. What this means is that a lot of people belong to a regular Joe, but he belongs to no one.

  • In Relationship:

A Regular Joe male personality is very wild when it comes to his love life. He is promiscuous to a fault— it’s almost chronic. This man has the propensity to care so less about the feelings of his partner. All that a Regular Joe needs is to satiate his almost insatiable sexual desires.

He is romantic and generous with his money.

To be in a relationship with a regular Joe, you must be a sex maniac—ready for it at all time. Else he will hurt you so bad by doing the unthinkable.

The love life of a Regular Joe shows that there is a streak of shrewdness in a Regular Joe, but it’s latent.

In dealing with a Regular Joe:

  • You have to be as emotionally detached as possible—be a free-spirit, ready to sail with the tide.
  • Try to work with what is and not what you hope would be.
  • Make short-term goals.
  • Trust him with things you could give up.
  • Lend him money you could lose.

The ‘Mr. Bone’ male personality.

I call this man a Mr. Bone because he is shrewd to the bone so much so that a proud man doesn’t hold a candle to him. This is the type of man to avoid.

One difference between the proud man and a Mr. Bone is that, a Mr. Bone is the patient man. He patiently woos people until he has them right where he wants them and then… bang he strikes.

In other words a Proud Man is somewhat real, but a Mr. Bone is deceit personified. He mingles with the weak and the naive just to prey on them.  Unless you are weak and can be manipulated, he doesn’t mingle with you.

You wouldn’t be so wrong if you called this man a narcissist or a sadist. So any kind of relationship with him: social, romance, business… is not a good idea.

When in authority, he enacts unpopular laws and makes unpopular decisions. And he is unapologetic for it

One way around this man is by showing him what he wants to see and telling him what he wants to hear. After a while, he will trust you and lay down his guard.

If you are looking to have a good relationship with him for whatever reason, this is when you are going to get your wish. If you are looking to get even with this man for whatever wrong he has done to you, this’s the time, but i advise you to let it go because you don’t want to go to war with a Mr. Bone. But if you insist then after you have ‘gotten him’, disappear or stay very far away from him. This man never forgives neither does he forgets. The Mr. Bone is very tenacious—he never gives up.

The ‘Masked Man’ male personality.

This man moves with an air of mystery around him. He pretends he is indifferent about power but he is the one you see lurking outside every corridor of power. The Masked man has his hands clean at all time, but he is as dirty as sin, because he has people behind the scenes doing all of his dirty work.

  • In Business

He is the king of sabotage. His favorite game is the game of chase—the game of sabotage. This man is not far from your average crook. He is usually the mastermind behind every coup if he finds himself in politics. There is always a trace of him after every smoke had vanished.

Of course he is a hard worker—very resilient to stress, because he has an agenda which he is tirelessly working to achieve.

  • Socially

The people he flaunts in public are usually people he has little or no affinity with and people who mean little or absolutely nothing to him. But the people who mean something to him, he hides from the public eye. He is friends with few people but has a lot of allies.

  • In Relationship:

He could be faithful in a relationship but that does not mean that a relationship with a Mr. Bone male personality is as fun as a cruise in a luxury yacht, due to too many secrets–they secrets that are kept from you and the secrets that you should keep.

A way around this man is by showing him what he is not used to: honesty and openness.

  • Do not pry into his personal life.
  • Ask questions only when you must, not when you should.
  • Be indifferent about his personal life or his secrets even if they are right there in front of you.

By so doing, you are sending a message that you are genuine and can be trusted. This way, he will not only trust you with his secrets but also with his life.

The ‘king of hearts’ male personality.

We all like to save the best for last, don’t we? The king of hearts male personality is breath of fresh air in every sense of the word; an agent of happiness.

This man is a man of peace. There is no mystery around him; what you see is what you get. He goes all out to make sure that everyone around him is alright. He tries to see the good in a person whom others have already condemned.

  • In Business

The king of Hearts is the opposite of all the men mentioned in this article. He is the type of man you work or do business with and you won’t be on the lookout for a sabotage or fraud. All that he want to do is to grow the business even if he has to do it all by himself. He is an agent of growth.

Doing business with this man is a blessing in all ramifications.

  • Socially

The King of Hearts belong to everyone but I can’t say that everybody belong to him or should i say want to belong to him. In other words, his kindness and loyalty is sometimes mistaken for weakness and people tend to take advantage of him. Hence, his good nature is to his own detriment.

He is not your party animal kind of a man so he is not particularly fun to be with. But you are safe with him. In other words, when he is around, hardly could anything go wrong or amiss.

  • In Relationship

In his love life, a King of Hearts male personality is a model partner. There is never an issue of unfaithfulness in his relationship unless he is the one being cheated on. And yes, women tend to mistreat this type this kind of man because they consider him ‘too soft’. But he leads a disciplined life so he could forgive a cheating partner but hardly ever takes her back into his life.

The king of Hearts is respectful and tolerant to his partner. He places no one else or nothing else above her, making her feel secure and appreciated.

Wrapping up:

Like in the case of the proud man and the Mr. Bone male personalities, they are though very shrewd but disciplined and tenacious.

When it comes to a Regular Joe male personality, it is fun being around him but he is not your model partner both in relationship and business due to his lack of dedication and concentration. He has a tendency to behave in a nonchalant manner no matter what is at stake. And let’s not get started on his womanizing lifestyle because that is a huge minus for him.

Despite his kindness and loyalty, he is still dubbed a bore and a weakling by the same people he tries so hard to please. I’m talking about the King of Hearts male personality.

All these merits and demerits in the personality trait of these men go to show that nobody is really a 100%. We are all a work in progress.

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