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Gossip: The Unusual office Routine.

The topic above is a little misleading. I am not here to talk about the normal office routine which can be narrowed down to buying and selling of goods and services—labor market. Rather I am here to talk about the abnormal office routine which includes office gossip, envy and ultimately strife.

Office gossip is the spreading of unfounded and baseless rumor among employees about another employee.

Show me a workplace that is devoid of gossip, envy and strife and I will show you a workplace where only angels work. But could such a workplace be seen here on earth?

Abnormal office routine happens in practically, every workplace.

So, when you find yourself in front of the sword in your workplace—object of gossip, envy office bullying, for no reason at all, don’t fret. Just understand that these mean people are like sand-paper. They scratch or rub you the wrong way, but eventually, you end up smooth and polished and the sand-paper is the one that is worn-out and ugly.

I am not going to suggest you go complaining to the boss or the cliché “if your environment can’t change you, change your environment” , nah. You can thrive in any environment.

Below are ways to thrive in a not-so-friendly workplace.


Being the best you can be at work does not necessarily mean sweating more than others, working longer hours than others or trying harder to please the boss.

The thing is, it is advised that you make your accomplishments appear effortless. Always think up new ideas to make yourself stand out from the teeming crowd. And be irreplaceable.

These ideas must always focus on increasing the customer base of the firm/company and not the usual ‘pull them down that I may get to the top’ idea.

Don’t be afraid to expand your horizon—extend the nets, who knows, you just might catch a big fish that will blow even the minds of your assumed haters.

Take certain risks but not at the detriment of your job. No one ever got to anywhere amazing by playing it totally safe.

Looking good helps you stay positive when you are the object of office gossip

There is a line that goes “you are what you eat” and I couldn’t agree more.

Not just eating healthy but go to the gym and train daily, go for a run or jug around the house—it is not about the price-tag on the dress but it’s about the body in the dress—the body gives the dress its’ value not the price.

This will keep you in shape and you will feel extremely fired-up to do just about anything. Boost your confidence real good.

Exude confidence when in the middle office bullying.

Please, get this straight, exuding confidence here does not imply impunity or stepping on toes nor doing absurd things just to get the attention of your so-called haters. Because that would further sabotage your already limited chance at happiness in your workplace; because you’d be sending a wrong message—arrogance. Which would stir up more hatred and you don’t really want that.

Of course, a workplace should be a happy place, or simply put a safe haven. But for the fact that a workplace is usually filled with people of different idiosyncrasies, temperaments and aspirations, makes it somewhat difficult for some to get that much desired satisfaction from their job or workplace.

You can exude confidence just by being yourself. Smile when you feel like it and don’t when you don’t feel like it. Talk–politely–to whom ever you please including your ‘haters’. Do things according to office ethics and not according to anybody’s. Do not become the subordinate of your subordinates just because they don’t like you.

One of the things a smile can do is mask someone’s anxiety or nervousness and it is understandable if you feel a little nervous in a not-so-friendly workplace.

Be more mysterious than secretive to avoid office gossip.

A mysterious person is that person who makes people keep asking the same question for which they have received a thousand answers. His answer to every question especially the sensitive ones are though close to the truth but totally vague.

Mysterious person do not try so hard to keep their dealings away from the public eye rather they put them all out there but in absolute disguise thereby attracting very less attention to them.

Secretive people on the other hand tend to hide even the most irrelevant of things and consequently attract a lot of unwanted attention to them.

Mysterious people arouse curiosity which is akin to admiration whereas secretive people arouse suspicion.

The thing about human beings is that once they start digging for the “truth” they don’t stop at the so-called truth, they tend to continue digging until they dig up the reasons behind the “truth” which in most cases are even more mind-blowing than the “truth”,lol.

The last thing you want is your co-workers ganging up on you to dig up secrete about you. instead put it out there but in an absolute disguised manner.

Show some love when going through office gossip.

Yes! It is a command to love your haters, not an option.  It is worthy of note that you don’t get past people as long as you try to get even with them.

A lot of people believe that the opposite of love is hate, but it is not.

It takes a lot of energy to hate on someone and no sane person will invest all that energy into something that they know is not worth it.

Hence, my epiphanies:

  •   Hate is akin to love.
  • The opposite of love is indifference, not hate.

We are all wired differently, reason why  our ways of doing things differs. Especially our ways of showing love. It all has do with our temperament.

It wouldn’t hurt if you sometimes go out of your way and do nice things for your colleagues. Nice things such as an early-morning birthday wish. But while at this, you have to be careful not to come across as trying too hard.  Do something to let them know that you are not about that bitterness and so won’t be joining them in that corner any time soon.

Now that you know that your so-called haters does not really hate you but are just distant admirers, why can’t you be the bigger person by showing them some love.

Remember that we usually get what we give. But even if we don’t, who cares? as long as what you give is  good and also makes you sleep well at night, keep giving it.

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