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Hiextent is a multi niche (relationship, lifestyle and business) blog.

The articles on this blog are written with the sole aim of adding more value to your life in the areas of business, relationship and lifestyle.

We are committed to making every minute of your time on this blog worth it.

You should read this blog because you will find the articles on this blog handy in dealing with life’s challenges because they are inspired by real life experiences, and like they say “no better teacher than life itself”

Who is Benita Nwoko?



She is not your party animal kind of a person but she knows how to have good time.

Benita is an introvert but a great listener.

And lastly, Benita Nwoko is a voracious reader.

Benita’s hobbies:

When I am not working then I am probably seeing a movie or tending to my Chickens. Yep, I am a poultry farmer. The best sound I hear early morning is that of my chicken’s cockcrowing, lol.

Social media profiles:

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