A Concise Guide For Personal effectiveness.

I define personal effectiveness as a person’s ability to inspire, motivate and command the respect of other people.

There is no doubt that the competitive world we live in today is somewhat more favorable to those who have what it takes to arouse the attention of other people. This is why a lot of people, especially celebrities, can do just about anything to get in the news, which is how they avoid going into obscurity.
There are no predefined prerequisite for personal effectiveness for everyone. In other words what makes you effective is probably unique to you.

However, there are general factors that can sabotage a person’s effectiveness regardless of whom that person is.
Those personal effectiveness inhibiting factors is what we will be looking at today. Some of those factors are:

Your life center:
Let me rephrase by putting it this way; your obsessions can limit your personal effectiveness. How? By making you develop a somewhat nonchalant attitude towards the other things that matter.
For instance, a person whose job is the center of their life might find it difficult to maintain other relationship that matter; like family and spiritual life.

Whatever you make the center of your life is likely to have either a negative or a positive impact on you. Only way to ensure that your obsession has the right impact on you is to align it or make it congruent with the right principles.
Also you have to create a balance or find a way to distribute your time and resources evenly to the things that makes your life as a whole tick.

Bitterness inhibits your personal effectiveness:
One thing that we need in order to be effective is a rational mindset but unfortunately, bitterness has a way of beclouding a person’s sense of reasoning. A bitter person has the propensity to see situations from the wrong perspective and hence, address it wrongly.
When every of your action is brewed from bitterness then it is just a matter of time before the people around you starts seeing you as a joke.

Some people in authority think that the easiest way to get the respect of their subordinates is through bitterness and intimidation. But the truth that is apparently still oblivious to these types of people is that enduring respect is not acquired, rather it is earned.
Personal effectiveness is the ability of a person to be powerful without first of all having to act powerful.

Pride reduces your effectiveness by first of all making you unattractive. Our ability to attract and retain people in our lives is a function of our personal effectiveness.

Human beings are emotional in nature. Because of that, we tend to connect better with people who make us feel good about ourselves; who we think are on the same reasoning frequency as us; we don’t want to associate with people who seize every opportunity to let us know they are out our league.
You might ask: how is my being out of somebody’s league hurting my personal effectiveness? The answer is that it doesn’t. But the best answer is, it shouldn’t.

However, when you are constantly rubbing it in the faces of the people around you, then it will. Because it will definitely repel them away from you and the most ineffective person on earth, is the person that no one wants to associate with.

Pride has a way of alienating you from even the minority and when you are not welcome among the minority then where will you demonstrate your effectiveness?
Humility is what attracts and retains the majority and when you are popular among the majority, then you can achieve anything.

Excessive rigidity:
In your quest for personal effectiveness, you need to understand that one of the things that enhance your effectiveness is your ability to be socially flexible.

Social flexibility entails being able to accept the correct ideas and opinion of others even if they are different from yours.
For you to be absolutely effective, you have to integrate the ‘live and let live’ mantra into your day to day life.

Understand that the world around you is filled with people of different personalities so normally your paradigms will differ. But in order for you to be effective around such people, you have to lower the bars sometimes and see things from their angle.

When it is you way or no other way, people around you will feel strung along and that feeling gives rise to a deep seethed hatred. That hatred will further sabotage your chances of being effective around such people.

A sense of entitlement:
The most worrisome display of lack of wisdom is a show of ungratefulness.
Judging from my observations, I can say that ungratefulness and pride stems from a sense of entitlement or culture entitlement.

A sense of entitlement is as result of a person believing that they deserve certain privileges. The truth is that everything that you have in life is a privilege not a right. So for you to act entitled is a sheer display of unintelligence.

The problem with having a sense of entitlement in relation to personal effectiveness is that it alienates you from the social arena where the information you need in order to be effective are found in its preponderance.
It is a fact that the life of a person who is bereft of the right information can hardly be effective.

A life bereft of principles.
Being effective has to do with living a life that is worthy of emulation; a life that has people organically gravitating towards you.

An effective person is that person who has taken the time to write their mission in life, working towards achieving it and hence ignoring any factor both internal and external that poses as a distraction.

All of the above descriptions of an effective person go to show that it all has to do with living a principled disciplined lifestyle.

A principled person does the right things even if they are against the trend. Your ability to live right is what draws people to you and remember that your strength of attraction is directly proportional to your effectiveness.
Final thoughts: 
Your effectiveness as a person is what distinguishes you from the crowd. So it is imperative that you evaluate yourself and discover any aspect of your lifestyle that is inhibiting your self-growth and general personal effectiveness and thereafter work on them so that you can become the best possible you and live a more fulfilled and happier life.

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