8 ways To Create And Live A happy Lifestyle.

Happiness is the best way to ensure a sound mental health. The mental health of a human being should be of great importance to them but unfortunate, in the priority list of some people, their mental well-being is way down the list. This is partly because they are so focused on money-chasing—career and dreams—and thereby leaving everything else seems inconsequential. But I want you to know that such an idiosyncrasy is wrong on so many levels.

The thing is: success begins in the mind and when the mind is sick then success becomes a probability instead of a certainty.

In a world of hustling and bustling, filled with people of different personalities, how can one ensure their happiness and sound mental health?

Below are some great ways to live a happy life and ensure a sound mental health.

Create your own happiness.

If you want to enjoy lasting happiness, then you should ensure that your happiness is not tied to anything outside of yourself.

When you observe closely, you will see that the things that you channel so much energy into are usually threats to your mental health and happiness. Some of those things include:

  • Your love life.
  • Your work life.
  • Your dreams and aspirations.

Of course, these things are necessities but none of them tops your happiness, because happiness is the tool that you need to sustain these things in your life. So when any of them begins to compete with your happiness then it’s time to let it go.

Learn to ignore the inconsequential.

Every breaking of the day brings with it life’s challenges and even battles. But the good news is that not all of those battles are worth fighting.

The truth is; there are some days that, for the sake of your sanity, you should apply a carefree attitude to certain issues. You need to understand that engaging in petty arguments and strife can win the argument but not the respect.  Instead of engaging in that argument, you can suffer the fool gladly by saying ‘yes, oh yes’ to their petty views, insensitive attacks and weird ideas. ; find better things to dissipate your energy upon other than meaningless fights.

paying no mind to infinitesimal provocations should be one of the personal development goals of everyone in pursuit peace and happiness.

Be proactive.

Do not wait for things to get so bad before you look for the solution. You need to develop a proactive approach to life. Proactive people are winners because even before the challenge they already have the wherewithal to combat it.

You should try to identify potential dangers before they surface. To do that, you have to be observant to the happenings around you; be calculative and socially intelligent.

One of the things that can stress the heck out of you is to be unprepared in the face of an impromptu challenge.

Leverage your area of strength.

Happiness is totally achievable when you learn to leverage your area of strength. Stress poses a huge threat to your happiness and one way to avoid stress is by identifying your high points and leveraging them. it is important that you analyze yourself and try to identify your high points.

The strength I’m talking about is not physical rather it is of the mind where the real battle occurs. So if you can control that aspect of your being then every other territory is already conquered by you.

Some of us usually avoid this rout because of sentimentality or other people’s perceptions; we see the things that fuel us or our areas of strength to be embarrassing. But until you start looking beyond all that and start leveraging your areas strength then you can hardly maximize your potentials and create happiness.

Remember that when you work in the circle of your strength, everything becomes easier because you are the one at the center calling the shots.

The strength of a human being can lie within their talent or their personality, identify it and milk it like a cow.

Be purpose-driven to achieve maximum happiness.

A purpose-driven life is a life that leads you down the road of happiness. When you start out with the desired result in mind then you can hardly make any costly mistakes.

So even before you start out, you need to have some clarity as to the things you are willing to do.


  • How much of your time and resources you are willing to invest.
  • The amount of pain you are willing to take.
  • How high or even low you are willing to go.

Also, in order to avoid regrets, you need to weigh the things expected of you against your values and principle and ask yourself such questions as:

  • Will I be able to live with myself after doing this?
  • What are the long-run effects of what I am about to do?

The thing is: no matter how free-spirited you are, there are some things that you do and afterwards—regardless of the circumstance– you go home feeling dirty and valueless inspite of what you achieved. Nothing can attack your happiness than guilt.

Ditch perfectionism and embrace happiness.

The reason why we fight so hard for perfection is usually because of the people we look up to. But the truth is that everything you see that glitters was once a diamond in the rough.

Nothing that was created by a human was perfect from the start because not even the human that created it is perfect without a lot of work.

This is why it is almost impossible for a perfectionist to enjoy the freedom that we all deserve because they are always on the chase for one best thing or another, very restless people!

The good news is that it is OK to make some initial mistakes. As long as you don’t dwell in the rough or on the mistakes, then you are onto someplace great in life.

Stop comparing your moment of weakness to someone else’s moment of strength because they are just the two extremes.

I want you to know that everything you see on screen– from movies to the internet– was scripted and painstakingly edited.

Stop caring too much.

Are you in the habit of putting other people’s interest above of yours? Do you always try to be there for everybody? Yes? Then know it that you are putting a lot of strain on both your mental and physical health.

Even if the onus to take care of some people is on you, always remember that you are not less important. Sometimes it is OK to be a little selfish. So no matter how dear other people are to you, try to take some time away from catering to them and treat yourself to some affordable luxuries. Like I said earlier, never tie your happiness to something outside of you.

Pray and meditate.

Of course you need to pray and never stop praying because we need divine help to get through the challenges of life. Prayer and meditation helps you to grow in wisdom and spirituality.

Don’t be too busy to seek God. Look for a quiet place where you can meditate without any form of distraction. No matter your religion, you should take some time out of your day to meditate because it is not just a religious practice it is also a way to disconnect from your external environment that is probably chaotic and enter into a realm of peace and quiet.

Final thoughts:

Good success is a measure of the happiness you have not a measure of your money. That is why you should pursue happiness as though nothing else matters, because if you don’t have everything else that you do have doesn’t count.

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