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7 Ways To Build A Stronger Workforce.

It is the dream of every employer to build a solid workforce; a workforce so solid that they—the employer—can choose to go on a vacation anytime and let business be run by very competent employees.

The business world have become so competitive that no employer who has even the blurriest vision of staying in business over the next five years, could afford to have anything but the best employees. And by “the best” I mean resourceful, smart and insightful employees.

The thing is; every individual has a unique work ethic, which they tend to take along with them to any workplace where they are hired, and unless they are discouraged they implement it. So the onus to set the tone of work or appropriate work ethic for a business is on the business owner. This work ethic, if properly implemented, is what will bring out the best in the employees. The questions of many employers, over the years have been:

  • How do I get the best out my employees?
  • How can I produce a stronger workforce that can stand the text of time?
  • How can i get my employees to be more dedicated?

Some of the right work ethics are suggested below.

Balance the end with the means.

A flaw that I have seen in the work ethic of some employers is in their inability to maintain a balance between the means and the end. The means here stands for the employees while the end stands for the products and the revenue.

These two parameters are interdependent. So a deficiency on one end results in an equal deficiency on the other.

The employees are the backbone of every company on which her ability to generate revenue lies. So every employer should see to it that the welfare of their employees is not neglected. If an employee’s job involves taking certain risk then that employee should be adequately compensated. This compensation is called hazard allowance.

If, as an employer, you choose not to pay the hazard allowance but resort to firing any employee who even remotely protest this injustice, then believe me when I say that your business is sitting on hot coals—very uncomfortable state—because it is lacking the most important criterion for growth—consistency.

The welfare of your staff should be of great importance to you as an employer because no matter how “in charge” you think you are, they are the ones running the show and they can shut it down any time.

Practice equity among your employees to get the best out them.

It is the duty of every employer to provide a leveled playing ground for their staff. By that I mean that an employer should practice fairness and equal treatment among their employees.

The main cause of office gossip, envy and strife is the preferential treatment given to some staff at the expense of other staff.

The onus to provide a peaceful working environment lies on the employer and this can only be achieved when what is given to the goose is also made available for the gander.

Let the reward for certain employees that have achieved certain goals be clearly stated in the company bylaws. Do not hand these rewards as favor; instead, make it known to the other staff that it is a reward for an accomplishment not a favor.

Failure to do that will definitely bring about corridor gossip and insubordination.

Do not come between your employees and their vacation.

Do you know that some employees who are really invested in their job use their vacation period to do research and acquire more technical skills for their job and career?

Also an employee uses this period to ‘detox’; by that I mean get rid of some negative energy that built up as a result of challenges from work.

After this detoxifying, they come back healthier and mentally psyched to take the company to the next level.

Organize a seminar for your employees.

Some people are a part of a workforce but unfortunately, they don’t know the rules of the workforce they belong to. A seminar can come in handy for such people, because in every seminar, the focus is usually on the rules and acceptable work ethic of the establishment,

Also, during a seminar, the employees get to have the opportunity to air their concerns. These concerns are diagnosed. If they are a problem, a solution is proffered.

Not only do the employees learn the rules of the establishment during a seminar, they also learn a thing or two about other departments which they don’t belong to so that when or if they are eventually redeployed to those departments, they won’t feel so lost and in no time, they will be able to get the hang of the modules of operandi of their new department.

Let them go for further training if they need it for better performance.

When a employee acquires more skills, they become more productive. This higher productivity on the part of this employee results in more input into the company. This input results in a higher output by the company resulting in a happier customer base. And, finally, this happy customer base results in more conversions or increased revenue for the company.

The act of dismissing an employee in order to employ a more skilled one is OK. But the one thing wrong with it is that it disrupts the consistency or workflow of the company.

However, if you wish to go that route, perhaps hiring the more skilled employee but also retaining the older employee long enough for the new person to acclimatize to their new workplace will be a better idea.

Provide job security for your employees.

We perform better when we know that we are in it for the long haul, don’t we?

Every employee will roll up their sleeves and work harder when they know that they are not getting that dismissal letter any time soon.

I know that as a private business owner, you reserve the right to lay off any staff at any time, but making that a habit does more harm than good because it instills fear in the heart of your employees, and very few people can work to their full capacity under that condition.

Promote the employee who has earned a promotion.

When an employee is aiming for a promotion, they bring on their A-game. But when an employee has earned a promotion but is denied it, they bring their Z-game. As an employer you don’t want that, do you?

When an employee is promoted, it means more responsibility for them. If you do not promote the employee who is due for a promotion, you are inhibiting the growth of your company or establishment.


When your workforce is ready and capable to produce, then will you be ready to relax and enjoy dividend. Use the above ideas to get them ready and fired up.

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