6 Ways To Become The favorite Of Your Difficult Boss.

Some people work 12 hours a day, others go beyond or below that. Your workplace is a place where you get to spend the good part of your day so you could call it your second home.Unfortunately, this home away from home has become everything but homely to some employees due to the unusual office routines and the difficult employer.

Are you thinking about quitting your job because of your mean boss?

Well, you won’t have to do that anymore. All that you have to do is give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser. What do I mean?

Below are practical ways by which you could not only get into the good graces of your boss but also get them to start seeing you as a resource, not a tool.

Be Proactive.

To be proactive is the ability to proffer a solution even before the emergence of a problem.

The truth is, nobody was born ready. In other words, nobody was born proactive.

Proactive people are those who knows how and where to invest their time. They are always pushing themselves to the limit in order to acquire more skills or to hone their already acquired skills. This is the reason why they are usually part of the solution where ever they find themselves.

When you are proactive in your workplace then you have made yourself a resource for your employer. You will be relied upon, by your employer, for quality advice and ideas. And when somebody relies on you for something, it is only natural for that person to be nice to you even if meanness is in their DNA.

Have some integrity.

One character ethic that can earn you the respect and admiration of people is your ability to uphold your integrity.

There are two ways by you can demonstrate your integrity, they are:

  • Through your actions or the things you can do.
  • Through your inactions or the things you can’t do.

No matter the situation, a person of integrity always stands by what is right. No amount of pressure both internal and external can force their hands.

A person of integrity is trust worthy, loyal and hard working. So tell me, which employer wouldn’t appreciate such an asset?

Be disciplined.

Each and every one of us has their unique personality. Being disciplined simply entails upholding your values.

A disciplines person will not hesitate to say no when they are presented with ideas or opinions that are in conflict with their morals.

It takes strength and courage to live a disciplined lifestyle. A disciplines person will reject the ‘free lunch’ if it is in exchange with their values.

When you are disciplined, your employer will be intrigued by your strength of character and that will in turn earn you a comfortable place in their good book.

Always appear ready.

By that I mean look good. Don’t show up to work looking like you would rather be any other place than at work.

Every employer appreciates their best-dressed staff and in some establishments, it is a criterion for advancement.

Look ready to go at all times and I can assure you that you will be going places. Some employers I know always choose their most gorgeous employee to represent them in outdoor meetings, seminars and workshops. So when your employer chooses you to rep him or her what other accolade is better than that?

Don’t suck up to your employer.

Sucking up is an act of desperation and there is something about desperate people that makes them get the opposite of whatever they are bidding for.

Instead of acting desperate, be real. Show integrity by saying no when you should and yes when you should.

Earn you rewards, work hard. Do not strive to become the boss’s favorite by becoming their stooge or lab dog.

Any favor you receive through hard work will not only earn you the respect of your employer, but also their love and admiration.

Whereas any reward you earn by sucking up to your boss further sabotages your chances at being yourself around your employer. And when you are not yourself for too long, then it would be just a matter of time before you start ‘missing’ yourself and when that happens, gradually, you become erratic and finally your true personality will surface. You can’t fake it for too long.

Sucking up to your employer will bite you in the behind in the long run; play safe by earning all that you receive from your employment.

Be respectful to your employer.

There is an adage that says “when a child washes his hands thoroughly he dines with the elders”

Washing hands here implies showing respect. You cannot expect your boss to like you when you are disrespectful and always out of line.

Tactfulness and impeccable manners is what distinguishes you from the crowd, not your qualifications because no matter how you look at it, nobody is all that qualified. Everything you receive is a privilege not a right so always be grateful. Gratitude is the new attitude and your great attitude can earn you the love of even a beast.

The respect you accord to people in authority brings you closer to that place of authority.

Final thoughts:

As you probably have deduced from your reading, the only way to get your somewhat difficult boss to lighten up on you is by doing the right things: humility, integrity, respectfulness and loyalty.

image credit: recruitmentsystems.com

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