6 Questions you should ask before choosing a career.

Choosing a career is easy, but thriving in it by inspiring that “wow” impression in clients with your performance could just be the difficult part. This is partly because a lot of people forget to do some background analysis on their desired career before actually choosing it.

It is true that no career on its own is without cons but your readiness, purposefulness and psyched mindset before choosing a career can get you to enjoy a lasting success in your career.

In this article I have listed 6 checks or questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a career. Let’s jump right in.

Is my new career inline with my passion

How do you define passion?

  • I define passion as that alarm clock in your head that does not stop ringing until you get the job done.
  • It is that voice that mutes every other voice both internal and external, that is telling you to quit or that you cannot do it.
  • It is that force that gets you out of bed in the morning even when every inch of your body is screaming “I want to sleep some more.”

Every passionate mind tows the rebellious on the road to success; it rebels against obstacles and discouragements. Because on the road to success, a lot of obstacles will present itself, but only your passion can help you navigate them all.

Passion transforms your paradigm and character. It transforms you from a procrastinator to a proactive person. This transformation helps you to discover and adhere to the stated, unstated and underlying rubric and work culture that exist in your field.

In other for you to undergo this ultimate transformation, you have to acquire the right social intelligence.

You have to find out:

  • Who calls the shots in your career field?
  • Through which channel communication and/or information is routed.
  • The achievers and the losers in the game.

It could be possible that some of the rules that govern your chosen career have gone corrupt or even counterproductive but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get the hang of them. Learn and observe them until you gain mastery of your field. Only then can you be deemed fit to reinvent the wheel.

Knowing the rules that govern your chosen career path inside and out will help you in staying afloat even if everything else is sinking and also helps avoid certain risks.

Being passionate at what you do helps you to see opportunities where others don’t; it opens your eyes to the realities that eluded you at first.

Do I have the talent for my chosen career?

A talented person is the star or the center of attraction in every career or field they find themselves.. They effortlessly rise to the top with the ladder being their talent.

There are two ways by which talent can be acquired:

  • If you are bone with it
  • If you are born into it

The reason why some people find it more difficult to “blowup” in their career is because of the two types of talent mentioned above.

If you are born with a talent then all thanks to gracious God.

However, if you are born into a talent it does not mean that you are underprivileged. Instead, it means you are very privileged.

This is what I mean:

  • People born with a talent usually turn out to be failures. Why? Because they know that the skill is in-born. Hence, they do not try to develop or hone it. As a result, they become stagnant or even obsolete. Anything stagnant in a world as dynamic as the world live in today is bound to drift into oblivion sooner rather than later.
  • People born into a talent feel more accomplished with their work and career life than those born with a talent.

The reason is that the person born into a talent puts in more work; does more research in order to accomplish a task. The time and energy that the person born into a talent puts into their work gives them a heightened sense of accomplishment when they finally get the job done.

I am not trying to disregard the works of those born with a talent nor make their accomplishments commonplace; rather I am trying to let you know that no matter how a talent is acquired, it should be honed and improved.

 Do I have the right personality to make me hot in my field of work?

Make no mistake about it; in the world we live in today, appearance is practically everything.

One thing that I have come to notice about the average human being is that they have become too busy and too much in a hurry for their own good. They no longer try to take into account a lot of details. Consequently, what they see, know and appreciate is whatever that is put in front of them as long as it comes in a good package.

This is the reason why some musicians have millions of fans all over the world but not because of their musical skills or talent but because of their great looks and their impeccable personality.

This is not to say that good looks and golden personality are a must have must for a successful career. But the point I am trying to make here is that our personality plays a big role in our success.

Do you know that some of the people you meet outside their homes are entirely different people when you meet them in the comfort of their homes? We all come disguised in the social arena.  Hardly anybody is as “real” as they seem.

It all has to do with creating a persona for your brand because if you think that everybody in your audience or customer base is so fixated on what you do and not how you do it, you are wrong.

Human beings relate better with reality. So, as long as you are in the spotlight then know it that your audience are eager to know the person behind all the ‘amazeballs’ . And if you don’t let them in on that you will become extinct before you say jack.

And while at it, try to craft a persona that is akin to your true personality. That way you can easily pull it off easily. When you succeed in creating the right Persona for you career, then congratulation, you have acquired a major criterion for success.

What Is My Purpose for choosing this career path?

The right purpose begat a good result. So it is important that you choose a career for the right purpose. Although even the best of purposes are still met with counter forces, and these counter forces can be very powerful, but make sure that your purpose are defined, nonetheless.

These counter forces can make you:

  • Doubt the genuineness of your cause or dreams.
  • Make you feel inferior because of your dreams.

These counter forces are usually external. They may come from your family or peers.

Only a rock-solid purpose can wane these counter forces.

Purposeful people don’t get lost in the crowd; they push through the crowd until they get in front of the crowd. That is why the most difficult people to ignore are the people with a purpose.

I know that it is the dream of every entrepreneur to have a solid workforce and increase profit, and that is alright. But you have to make sure that money is not your sole purpose. Try to incorporate the need to help people into your purpose.

Have you done some background checks on your chosen career?.

There are rules, especially the unstated and the underlying rules that govern every career field.

So before anybody even consider any career path they should first of all check this underlying rules and then ask themselves such questions as:

  • Are these rules in conflict with my morals or beliefs?
  • Are these rules aligned with my purpose and visions?
  • Can I really cope with the demands of this career path?
  • Do I have the passion that will make me resilient against the road blocks that I am likely to encounter in this career path?

Checking for these underlying rules is like checking the weather before leaving your house to know:

  • If it is going to rain.
  • If it is going to pour.
  • If it is going to storm.

If it is going to rain, you might decide to take an umbrella with you. If it will pour, you go with an umbrella and a rain-coat. But if it is going to storm, you might decide not to go out at all.

How to avoid indecision when choosing a career.

First of all, before you even consider choosing a career path, you should feel excited about it.

If the career you have chosen does nothing but give you the jitters whenever you think about it, then I think that it is a sign that you should reconsider. Because it is that excitement that will propel you forward even when every force is trying to pull you back.

However, there are people who are born pessimists. So much so that even when the green lights—a great possibility of success—are there, they would still find a reason to have cold feet.

If you are that type of a person, then i advise that you see yourself as a traveler.

The assets that every traveler has are hope and expectations. However, the most important asset of them all that a lot of travelers leave behind is faith.

Every traveler has a hope of safe landing or arrival. Also every traveler has expectation regarding the journey.

The one thing that will bring it all to fruition is faith. So how come some travelers leave this behind?

The Holy Bible defines faith as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

So, when those cold feet comes just remind yourself that there is a hope for substance—something good– coming from your chosen career even though there is no evidence of it, yet.

Rely on your faith to get you through that moment of cold feet. Even if it is just a little faith, have it.

Final thoughts:

A career life should be fulfilling. This fulfillment is what is going to make it all worth it in the long run.

This is why you should choose a career that makes everything that you invest into your career feel like just a piece of cake.


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