5 Reasons Why Reading makes you A hero.

Reading: There is this proverb that says “when you are uninformed, you are deformed”. I am positive that this “deformation” is not a physical one but it is a deformation of the mind, which stems from seeing the world from a narrowed perspective.

One thing that we all can agree on is that the world is in constant evolution. Some of these evolutions are natural while others are man-made.

The man-made evolutions came about as a result of long-term research, fact-finding and opinion scouting. This changes are happening at different locations here on earth, hence, only the researchers and the individuals closest to the point of change or evolution witness these changes.

These changes and occurrences usually end up between the covers of a book or on the internet in the form of articles.

Are you still trying to figure out why you should invest your time and money in books or reading? Yes? Then let me give you some clarity with these simple points below.

A single book in your hand is the mind of many.

Every book is written from inspirations drawn from diverse sources. The sole interest of every writer is to provide immense value to their readers.

For this reason, writers make a lot of research, ask a lot of questions and are keenly observant to the happenings around them. These research, questions and observations provide the writer with the wherewithal to write a book.

As a result, when you read a book, you are actually journeying through the minds of a lot people and learning from their experiences all at the same time.

This is why one book in you your can be your greatest ace in the hole, your strongest arsenal.

You can hardly run out of ideas when you are a voracious reader. Your mind is evolved and you are always a step ahead of others.

Because you working with practical experiences of other people, you will find yourself avoiding some costly mistakes that could be detrimental to your life, to your career choices and even your relationships.

A book can open doors to endless possibilities.

New experiences and discoveries brings with them new epiphanies.  These epiphanies could be in the form of new strategies or techniques through which mountains can be made moles hills.

Because a single book comprises of the thoughts of many, a book can provide diverse solutions to a single problem thereby opening doors to not one but many possibilities.

It is rare thing for someone who knows how to dig deep into the pages of a book to stay boxed in by a difficult situation for too long, because no matter what the problem might be, there is a book out there or an article that contains the right solution and it is just a matter time before they get a hold of such material.

The world of every reader is the world of endless possibilities. One book can shade a light and actually expose many mysteries and secrets no matter how dark.

One of the most costly prizes to pay in life is the prize of ignorance but as a reader, you won’t have to worry about that because you are healthily stuffed with the right dose of information.

Reading can give you a paradigm shift.

We human beings have the tendencies to believe that our opinions are the best. As a result of that, we let our attitude flow from our paradigms. There is not anything wrong with that except that sometimes, our opinions might be wrong, if not completely but to a certain extent.

Sometimes when we read, we don’t read because we are totally ignorant of the subject under study, but we read because we need to look at it from a different lens.

After we have seen it from a different angle, we can then decide whether to adjust our opinions or paradigm or to sustain it.

This is one great advantage of reading because it helps you to see things and life in its entirety, from others points of view.

Reading sets you apart from the crowd.

Let us look at these two men in business: Mr. A is the type of man who is always seeking out ways to grow his business. He does this by reading a lot of books and attending a lot of seminars on business.

Mr. A is always on the lookout for investors because his aim is not run his business from a single store but to own chains of businesses—an empire.

Mr. B is the type of a store owner who only makes sure that his capital are intact and then goes on a spending spree with his profits. This is simply because he is much uninformed about running a business entails.

Analyzing these two men, it is quite easy to see that both Mr. A and Mr. B are both store owners but only Mr. A is qualified to be called a business man.

Being informed distinguishes you wherever you find yourself: in business, relationship and otherwise.

Need I mention that it makes bankable? This is so because it makes people to see you as someone who are impossible to fail, because they have seen you excel under very harsh circumstances. Who wouldn’t want to invest in that?

Reading makes you a provider of information.

Only the informed has the right or the wherewithal to inform others because between the covers of a book lies a lot of wisdom and knowledge to spread abroad.

In order to be a good teacher, you must be a good learner. You should be able to tap from the ideas of other people hidden in books.

In every area of specialty, there are masters. And if must attain that level of mastery yourself, you have to first of all submit yourself to the tutorship of these masters so that in your practice, you will not be stuck or be found wanting for knowledge and ideas.

Reading is FUN.

Oh, yeah! How could I ever conclude this article without stating the obvious? Reading is so much fun.

Sometimes I get so excited, especially when I read a point that hits home, that I start screaming, lol. I know that some of you can relate with that.

To some people, reading is therapeutic. Because when they read, they escape from their stressed mind and enter into the peaceful, funny and educating mind of the writer

Reading can touch the core of your being or your emotion—it can make you laugh, cry or both. Those are very strong emotions. That tells you how powerful a single book can be, because even us human beings find it sometimes difficult to get in such emotional state.

In conclusion:

Reading is an investment in one’s mind. This investment results in the ever-appreciating asset called knowledge.

The world we live in today is ruled by the elite. The good news is that you don’t need a Harvard certificate to become elite. You just need to make the bookstore your favorite place in the world.

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