4 Outrageous Ways People Breakup In Relationship.

Sometimes in a relationship, you want to breakup so bad that you don’t even feel the need to give it a second thought. Consequently, you could end up hurting everybody involved including yourself because of the cruel and immature way you handled it.

The thing is, a lot of people always prefer the easy way out or perhaps they are just plain heartless by nature and couldn’t care less about their partner’s feelings and everything that they have invested into the relationship

Below are some outrageous ways that some people break up from their relationship

Via written messages:

Of course it is easier and perhaps very convenient because it could help to avoid any sort of conflict. However, breaking up with someone you once cared about via text or social media will end up Dragging the Break-Up process  further, because  aint nobody  walking away from a relationship that they invested so much into just because they got a message with a few line of text telling them it is over. When somebody gets that kind of text, they will demand answers, hence, the process drags on.

By starting or creating a fight:

A lot of people are guilty of this and it is so disrespectful and wrong on so many levels. Of course the relationship  will pack up,  but how will you be able to sleep at night knowing that you so manipulated the person you once loved? In no time they will realize that the whole fight was just a ploy by you to get out of the relationship. To some people this realization will be a relief for them because they will see what an absolute joke that you are and how you are so not worth their time and love.

By intentionally getting caught cheating:

Letting your partner catch you cheating will probably make them breakup with you, however, have you thought about the pain it will cause the both of you? they will resent you and your integrity will suffer for it.

 With a breakup sex:

It wouldn’t make it any easier for you or your partner to move on from each other just because you both had a last good time together before calling it quits. Doing this will cause a lot of confusion as it could make your partner think that you’re trying to work things out.

Using any of the above strategies to break up with someone is a bad idea. If you really want to end it, a face-to-face communication will suffice.  You owe each other that one last conversation no matter how hard or uncomfortable i might be.


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