How To Become The Favorite Of Your Difficult Employer.

Some people work 12 hours a day, others go beyond or below that. Your workplace is a place where you get to spend the good part of your day so you could call it your second home.Unfortunately, this home away from home has become everything but homely to some employees due to the unusual office routines and the difficult employer. Are you thinking about quitting your job because of your mean boss? …

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6 Bold Steps Towards Happiness And Why It Counts.

Happiness is the best way to ensure a sound mental health. The mental health of every human being should be of huge importance to them but unfortunate, in the priority list of some people, their mental well-being is way down the list. This is because they are so focused on the money—career and dreams—that anything else seems inconsequential. But I need you to know that such an idiosyncrasy is wrong on so …

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Relationship: Reasons Why He Won’t Stop Cheating On You.

The question: why do men cheat in their relationship? has become a cliché. Perhaps, the reason for the ‘clicheness’ is that women have come to embrace the myth that cheating is in the DNA of men. So, today, I decided to rephrase the question by putting it this way: why will your man never stop cheating on you? I had to rephrase the question because I want your attention, not because I …

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Suicidal? See These Reactions Of People To Suicide And Rethink.

Are you suicidal? Well, although I really want to, but I am not going to beg you not to do it, because sometimes mere words are hardly enough. Instead I am going to give you reasons why suicide is wrong on all levels. The desire of everybody alive is for them to be GENUINELY mourned by not just family but by everyone who hears the news their death. In this article I …

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7 Powerful Tips For A Better Communication.

There are different forms of communication: verbal and nonverbal communication, written communication… In this article we will be focusing on the fastest means of communication—verbal and nonverbal communication. For the purpose of this article, let me define verbal and nonverbal communication as the passing on of information, ideas, concerns, fears and emotion from a person to another via words or action. Let me state, for the record, that until there is absolute …

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8 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Employees.

It is the dream of every employer to build a solid workforce; a workforce so solid that they—they employer—can choose to go on a vacation anytime and let business be run by very competent employees. The business world have become so competitive that no employer who has even the blurriest vision of staying in business till the next five years, could afford to have anything but the best employees. And by “the …

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A Sneak Peek Into The Four Male Personality Traits.

Over the years, I have the opportunity of meeting men of different personality, idiosyncrasies and drives. Of these male personalities, the ones that intrigue me the most are: the proud, the ‘regular Joe’, the Mr. Bone and the King of Hearts male personalities. In this article, I’m going to give you an insight into the everyday life or personality traits of these four types of men; what makes them tick and what makes …

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8 Funny Birthday Wishes Teenagers Make.

A that every teenager looks forward to after Christmas is their birthday. The perks that come with birthdays are huge: the cheerful faces gracing the occasion, the beautifully made cake, the beautiful birthday presents, the happy birthday chants etc. but I think that the best part about a birthday is the part where we make a silent wish. We have made different wishes on different birthdays in our lives. As adults, the …

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office gossip,hate,envy

Gossip: The Unusual office Routine.

The topic above is a little misleading. I am not here to talk about the normal office routine which can be narrowed down to buying and selling of goods and services—labor market. Rather I am here to talk about the abnormal office routine which includes office gossip, envy and ultimately strife. Office gossip is the spreading of unfounded and baseless rumor among employees about another employee. Show me a workplace that is …

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The Power Of Growth And Personal Development.

Growth: Oftentimes the question “who are you?” have been thrown at us. But due to the human wish for relevance, we have answered this question based on: our financial status, educational background, social circle and sometimes we have chosen to be passive—accept the definition that the world gave us. But I think that that is not an ideal approach towards self growth or self development. Who you are spans way beyond what …

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meeting the parents

6 Ways To Be A Hit With The Parents On First Visit.

It is no gainsay that the nervous part of every relationship is the part of meeting the parents. We all know that the parent’s blessings are very important in every relationship. Prior to meeting your partner’s parents, you ask yourself some mind bugging questions like: will they like me? Will they think me good enough for their child? Etc. It gets worse when there is a reason for your anxiety. Reasons like …

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The Power Of Reading And The Authority In Knowledge.

Reading: There is this proverb that says “when you are uninformed, you are deformed”. I am positive that this “deformation” is not a physical one but it is a deformation of the mind, which stems from seeing the world from a narrowed perspective. One thing that we all can agree on is that the world is in constant evolution. Some of these evolutions are natural while others are man-made. The man-made evolutions …

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career path

6 All-important Questions To Ask yourself Before Choosing A Career.

Choosing a career is easy, but thriving in it by inspiring that “wow” impression in clients with your performance could just be the difficult part. This is partly because a lot of people forget to do some background analysis on their desired career before actually choosing it. It is true that no career on its own is without cons but your readiness, purposefulness and psyched mindset before choosing a career can get …

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6 Causes Of Failure And 5 Ways To Handle Failure

For the purpose of this article, I will define failure as a person’s inability to achieve or meet a set goal. The thing about life and the world as a whole is that it is purpose driven or purpose oriented. The first step we take when we wake up every morning is the step towards actualizing our dreams, aspirations and purpose. Little wonder why the word race is attached to every skin …

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cheating boyfriend

WTH? Cheating with your BFF? This is the reason why.

It is no gainsay that some of the actions we take in life are dubbed irrational or even insensitive. But the great news is that, some of these actions are understandable. For instance, it is understandable but irrational for a person to end a relationship without any good reason and start a new one. But what some people especially women, don’t understand is why a man would end his relationship just to …

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